Detail Preserving Continuum Simulation of Straight Hair

McAdams, A., Selle, A., Ward, K., Sifakis, E., Teran J. ACM Transactions on Graphics SIGGRAPH 2009, ACM TOG 28, 3 (2009).


Abstract: Hair simulation remains one of the most challenging aspects of creating virtual characters. Most research focuses on handling the massive geometric complexity of hundreds of thousands of interacting hairs. This is accomplished either by using brute force simulation or by reducing degrees of freedom with guide hairs. This paper presents a hybrid Eulerian/Lagrangian approach to handling both self and body collisions with hair efficiently while still maintaining detail. Bulk interactions and hair volume preservation is handled efficiently and effectively with a FLIP based fluid solver while intricate hair-hair interaction is handled with Lagrangian self-collisions. Thus the method has the efficiency of continuum/guide based hair models with the high detail of Lagrangian self-collision approaches.

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